Araenor Travels is a private roleplay community that uses discord to tell stories in its own fantasy world. Naturally low combat, the stories are more so based around the interactions and relationships between the various members of a caravan that travels the world of Araenor. Community hosted, the travelers may come across various obstacles to their adventure that has no end in sight, magical and otherwise. Come, travel with the caravan for a while.


  • The world is community hosted, therefore every player is free to create and control their own regions, buildings, NPCs (non-player characters) as well as items and events such as curses. They are not entitled to control the creation of another without consent, especially their player character. There is no sole DM (dungeon master) so if you want something done, do it!
  • While the roleplay is not set in any other universe (book, movie or game franchise), it is, however, loosely set in generic high fantasy. Dungeons and Dragons as well as general fantasy and folk lore is fine, though there should be limited cross over with other universes, such as races like 'night elves' or items such as the 'one ring.' As for technology, low is the general (yet flexible) 'rule'; think steampunk when using it. Feel free to start or add to something with someone or with the whole of the caravan.
  • The world is currently capped at 10 players. This can change with the consent of the majority. A new player may only join if invited by an already present member.
  • More than one character to player is fine, though one player should not have a number of active player characters that exceeds a fifth of the party. If for some reason the number is decreased after the characters are made, they will not be asked to delete or kill off any.
  • Roleplay will be weekly on (insert day here) should enough players be around to make it. This RP period will be primarily for caravan-encompassing events, such as continuing their travels, interacting with whatever village they may be staying at, etc. RP on the site, especially between only a portion of the caravan, may, and is encourage, to take place outside of this allotted time!
  • Do not ask someone to RP something they did not create or consent to. If you write that there is a house on the horizon, that is your property until someone else accepts responsibility of it should you offer it.

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